A Message from the Executive Director

January, 2016

In light of recent controversies in the field of medieval studies (and in academic culture at large) concerning ethical conduct and practices, the Executive Committee and the Advisory Board of ISAS have unanimously approved the following, public statement:

“As enshrined in our Constitution, the purpose of the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists is: to provide all scholars interested in the languages, literatures, arts, history, and material culture of Anglo-Saxon England with support in their research and to facilitate an exchange of ideas and materials within and between the disciplines.

This work cannot take place in environments that tolerate prejudice, inequity, harassment of any kind, or related unethical behavior, and ISAS affirms its ongoing commitment to helping fashion an academic culture that fosters professional courtesy, respect, equity, tolerance and inclusion for all of its members, and for all people working in our related disciplines.”

In addition, ISAS has been and will be taking a number of active initiatives related to this commitment. These include:

Other initiatives are too early in the planning states to announce, but are to follow.

Thank you to all who continue to support Anglo-Saxon studies, and strive to make our field a welcoming place for all.


Martin Foys

Executive Director of ISAS, on behalf of the Executive Committee and Advisory Board of ISAS


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